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January 2016

Cold Sores

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Who loves a good cold sore to start their day?!!  Nobody, that’s who!!

Cold sores are casued by the herpes virus.

They most often appear on the lip but they may break out on the chin, nose or cheek and you will mostly see them come out on the same spot. 

Laser therapy with our diode laser is a quick and easy treatment for those of you who suffer from cold sores.  We have been using the laser to treat cold sores successfully for over 2 years. 

When we use the laser on a cold sore, light energy released by the laser penetrates the virus and causes it to go into remission.  This means that if we treat the cold sore before it fully blisters, it may not develop any further.

It’s a less invasive alternative to medications or creams to get rid of cold sores.  Our clients are suffering for one day with an oncoming cold sore instead of 2-3 weeks with a full on blister. The cold sore should be treated within 24 hours of the initial tingling sensation.  Treatment takes about 5 minutes and is pain-free.  

Next time you have a cold sore, don’t suffer with it!  Call to schedule a quick appointment to get rid of it!