Wicked White Teeth Whitening Packages

How Wicked Do You Want to Get?


This is our standard teeth whitening session that safely whitens and brightens your smile with little to no sensitivity.   Stunning results are guaranteed!


This is a whitening ‘touch up’ treatment that can be done every 3-6 months.  We recommend this quick and easy treatment to maintain your Wicked White results. 


Combine a professional dental cleaning with a touch up whitening to keep your smile healthy and beautiful all the time.


The Wicked White Extender Pen is for those who won’t give up their coffee, tea or smoking habits but want to keep a bright smile.  It can be used after any in office teeth whitening treatment to maintain a whiter smile.

NOW AVAILABLE at Smiles for Life Dental Hygiene Clinic! 

Wicked White HOME Professional Teeth Whitening $129.99

This is an amazing light activated professional gel in a kit you can use anytime, anywhere, in half the time of the standard take home kits.  This kit contains the same finest ingredients as our in-office professional whitening but allows you to do it in the comfort of your own home.  The ideal treatment for people who aren’t able to come to the office to maintain their Wicked White smile. 

Wicked White is a teeth whitening product that is safe, effective and produces immediate results.  The ingredients used are 100% pure with no fillers, additives or harsh chemicals.  The product used in the gels are FDA approved and only available for use in-office by dental professionals.

Check out their website for more information www.wickedwhite.com

Teeth whitening should be done only by a dental professional who has been trained to assess the condition of the mouth before whitening is done.  Individuals with periodontal (gum) disease, cavities, broken/missing fillings and braces are not candidates for teeth whitening. 

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 Individual results may vary