The Diode Laser is a tool that is used for many different treatments in a dental office.  We use it to treat periodontal disease as well as get rid of cold sores and canker sores.

The laser is directed at the cold sore lesion and deactivates viral particles.  It cauterizes nerve endings, providing almost immediate relief.  It stimulates the tissues to promote quick healing.

Cold sores most often appear on the lip but may break out on the chin, nose or cheek and tend to recur in the same area.
When we use the laser on a cold sore, light energy released by the laser penetrates the virus and causes it to go into remission. This means that if we treat the cold sore before it fully blisters, it may not develop any further.

Cold sores are treatable at any stage with the laser but the most effective time to treat is when symptoms first appear (the tingly/itchy stage).

Lasering of a cold sore will help it heal faster and most clients report it not returning or being less severe if it does.

cold sore laser therapy