Many people suffer from sensitive teeth. It can be caused by hot/cold, sweets or pressure. When gums recede due to poor oral hygiene or abrasive brushing habits, the root of the tooth becomes exposed, causing hypersensitivity. Grinding at night and eating or drinking acidic foods and drinks can also contribute to tooth sensitivity.

Here at Smiles for Life, we have 3 different options to desensitize teeth, depending on the severity of the sensitivity.

  • The first product in our arsenal is Remin by Oral Science. This is a fluoride-free toothpaste that provides rapid and continual relief from tooth hypersensitivity. It contains 10% nano medical¬† hydroxyapatite, a mineral substance identical to our oral hydroxyapatite, needed for natural tooth repair. It is proven to be more effective at remineralization than regular Fluoride dentifrice and also significantly improves the health of your gums.¬† Not only does this light minty flavored toothpaste provide sensitivity relief, it also has antimicrobial properties, excellent for people who are at high risk for cavities.
  • The second tool we have is an in-office product that is a protective sealant for exposed dentin. This effective treatment blocks the dentinal tubules, which are microscopic channels that extend within the tooth from the pulp to the enamel. When enamel has been worn away and these tubules are exposed, it results in extreme tooth sensitivity. The sealant also has an antimicrobial effect against cavity causing bacteria. Once the dentinal tubules are exposed, this harmful bacteria has a much easier chance of causing decay within the tooth.The tooth surface is polished with a polishing cup and prophy paste (the same paste we use during your dental cleanings). A clear liquid is brushed onto the tooth surface and a curing light is used to harden or cure the sealant. This procedure is quick, easy and has effective results lasting up to 6 months.
  • The third solution that is offered at Smiles for Life is desensitization using our diode laser. A thin layer of Stannous Fluoride gel is applied directly to the area that is hypersensitive and using our diode laser, the area is treated quickly and painlessly. Studies show that laser therapy can stimulate nerve cells, blocking the transmission of pain in hypersensitive dentin and enhance healing processes. The abosrption of fluoride (made possible by the laser) into the dentin provides immediate relief that may be permanent.

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